Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine

It’s my annual Valentine’s Day post; a photo tour of valentines I sent as well as those that Tom and I received. To see more of our family valentines, check out Patti Wagon’s website
Here’s the outside of the one from Tom to me
tom outside

inside (Hoodoo photos were taken this fall in Bryce Canyon)
tom's inside

Mine to him had a political flavor
susan outside

and the inside
susan inside

From Laurel
laurel owl

owl inside
laurel inside octopus
sucker inside

From Patricia outside
patricia outside

Inside, an adorable hand knitted scarf
Patricia inside

More from Patricia
patty outside2

and another knitted embellishment
patricia inside2

The ones Tom and I sent to Patricia are on her website, along with the ones she sent and the one she received from Laurel.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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