Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art Dolls

My sister and her husband were recently here on vacation. One of their granddaughters and a friend spent a week with them. I had the privilege of spending an afternoon teaching them to make art dolls. The original pattern came from Debbi Crane who blogs at Paper Doll Post. After I left, the girls spent a lot of time making dolls going way beyond what I showed them. They made a bug, a mermaid, a cat, a snake, and a big assortment of dolls embellished to the max.

7 dolls

4 dolls

2 more dolls

2 dolls more

2 dolls

Friday, July 23, 2010

White ducks

A few months ago we had swans, now we have a flock of white ducks. They have been swimming in the lake behind our house for a week or so. They are never more than a foot apart from each other. These ducks cannot fly. Where did they come from?

along bank

Some of the neighbors have been feeding them, and tonight when I went out on the lanai to pick some herbs, they came to the screen expecting that I would feed them.

close up ducks

They quacked and made so much noise, we had to cancel our plans to eat outside.

I wonder if they are related to these ducks we saw in China?

duck truck2

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding details

My daughters are visiting for the week. Among our many activities we have been crafting some wedding decor.

Laurel needed a way to put numbers on the tables so the guests could locate their seats quickly. As a lover of reading, she is using a book theme in decorating for the reception.

Here’s the process:

Find masonite wall art at the dollar store and cover with grey gesso

step one

Paint the gessoed wall art with acrylic paintstep three

Use Mod Podge to apply book pages to the painted masonite

step five

Apply cut out numbers (notice the bride’s left hand)

step six

glue paper easels to the backsapply backs


standing numbers

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another comic strip

I admit it. I read the funnies, the good ones and the annoying ones. I’m not as diligent as Tom who not only reads the strips in our paper but goes online and reads strips and commentary from the Comics Curmudgeon. However, I do read one he doesn’t, Cathy. Cathy falls in the annoying comic strip category. This strip from July 8, 2010 made me laugh out loud, especially considering my post about my new sandals.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Quilts

I find it relaxing to take a break from mixed media and make traditional quilts. It is where I started out on my studio adventures, and I enjoy the process. I usually have a couple of baby quilts on hand for gifts, but my supply was depleted. I had to get busy.

I’ve made over ten sock monkey quilts over the years. I was once a part of a quilting group that ordered bolts of the monkey fabric from the manufacturer. I probably have enough fabric to make three or four more. I’ll bind it with red.

sock monkey

I love the bright colors of this flower power quilt. I found the large flower fabric at a quilt show a few years ago at Tammy Tadd’s booth. I bought several yards of it and made a bed sized quilt and two baby quilts. I only have enough for one more baby quilt. But something new will come along to catch my eye.

flower power

Sunday, July 11, 2010

All better now

My computer has been in the shop for over two weeks. I picked it up on Friday, and learned that it was infected with viruses, the worst being a couple of Trojan Horse programs. Very nasty indeed. I hope that my computer will no longer send emails from me advertising prescription drug sales and that I can get back in the business of blogging again.

trojan horse