Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding details

My daughters are visiting for the week. Among our many activities we have been crafting some wedding decor.

Laurel needed a way to put numbers on the tables so the guests could locate their seats quickly. As a lover of reading, she is using a book theme in decorating for the reception.

Here’s the process:

Find masonite wall art at the dollar store and cover with grey gesso

step one

Paint the gessoed wall art with acrylic paintstep three

Use Mod Podge to apply book pages to the painted masonite

step five

Apply cut out numbers (notice the bride’s left hand)

step six

glue paper easels to the backsapply backs


standing numbers


  1. I'll bet you and your girls are having a ball doing all of this planning and crafting. What fun!!

  2. You've put so many creative touches on this event... good memories for all I'm sure!