Monday, June 22, 2009

sewing with my sister

Last week my sister asked me to come over and help her get started on a sewing project. She is making loungewear for herself, me and our other sister. The kimona fabric is a beautiful Japanese themed print that our mother purchased for us several years ago. Like many sewing projects, after the initial excitement of the purchase of pattern and fabric, it has to lie dormant for a long time. But last week we got started. We had a great day reminising about previous adventures in sewing, marveled at the sound that scissors make when cutting out fabric on a table, and just enjoyed each other's company.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visit to Lake Woodruff

We were planning to go to Merritt Island national wildlife refuge on Thursday, but its main drive is closed for paving until mid-July, so we went to Lake Woodruff wild life refuge instead. Tom's shoulder is now healed enough to carry his new camera. I expected it to be hot, muggy and mosquitoey, but it was beautiful. There was a constant breeze eliminating the mosquitoes and providing relief from the heat. We've had lots of rain, so the trail was muddy.

We went in the late afternoon hoping to see lots of wading birds, but none were close enough to photograph. We actually saw more wading birds in the puddles at the service station before we got on the interstate.

But we did see some wildlife, alligators, rabbits, red wing blackbirds, many small birds protecting nests, lots of beautiful and varied dragonflies, and a huge colony of vultures. The sounds of the birds and frogs was delightful. We'll go back another day in the winter and look for the whooping cranes that nest here in the winter.

The vistas were so beautiful, marshlands, hardwood hammocks, and palm trees.

Tom cleaned our shoes
when we arrived home.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

God Rested

How do you picture "God rested"? It's an abstract thought, and everything else in the book except the cover was very straight forward. The book has a whimsical feel to it, so I found a public clipart image and used it as a pattern with a piece of hand dyed fabric. For the background. I painted it nickel azo gold, let it dry, then added green swirls with a rubber stamp and Tsukineko markers. If I were doing it over, I would use a lighter or more transparent paint for the swirls. Then I attached the chair using gel medium. After it dried, I added the text. Then I put another layer of gel medium and while it was still wet, used a swirly rubber stamp sheet to give it texture. I love how this texture adds a subtle layer of interest. Paper for the chair would be easier to handle than the fabric with the gel medium.

To view another canvas book check out Judy Coates Perez Website

Monday, June 15, 2009

fish and birds

This page took a lot of time because I just couldn't find the right images to use. I was thinking about using Sophie Nicholson's peacock image, on transfer art paper, but my printer ran out of ink in the middle of the job, spoiling the paper. So I found some wrapping paper with stylized fish and drew some birds freehand to mimic the style of the wrapping paper. I used Tsukineko fabric markers to color the birds and my favorite drawing pen, the Pitt artist fine point pen. The background was painted with Jacquard Lumiere citrine paint and a textured tissue paper was applied. After it was dry, I used white glue to attach the pictures. I added the text with the Pitt artist pen, then covered the whole project in gel medium and while it was still wet used rubber stamp sheets to give it texture.

Sun and moon

I purchased a metal tooling kit from Walnut Hill at the quilt show in Chicago and was looking for a way to try it.

I drew the sun and moon freehand with the tools included in the kit. To color it I used alcohol inks, but when I teach the class, I think I will use colored Sharpies. They are much easier to control. I used white glue to adhere them to the canvas which had been painted with Lumiere pearl blue. I added the text with a white signo pen.

Next time I'll experiment with a different method of adhering the foil to the fabric. For now it is holding, but I'd like more definition on the edges.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red on the Porch

I'm not the only one who has been painting. When we originally decorated our lanai, we found a big fiberglass urn at a garden store. Over the years it had faded and become dull. We tried using car wax on it, but that was a mistake. Last week, our old porch umbrella finally died, and we replaced it with a red one. Tom painted the urn, and we are getting used to its bright color. I'm thinking of ways to tackify it with acrylic paints, but something tells me to leave well enough alone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

humans and animals

This is still a work in progress. I knew I wanted to use a freezer paper mask to create the paper dolls, so I painted the background in nickel azo gold (Golden fluid acrylic) and then ironed the freezer paper on the canvas after it dried. Then I sponged green paint on, did some rubber stamping with a darker green and added red dots. What else?

let there be plants and trees

I think this was my favorite part of the book. Since I was using Liquitex modeling paste, I did a sample on a separate piece of canvas. I painted the canvas with Golden nickel azo gold fluid acrylic (my favorite acrylics). After that was dry, I mixed the same color fluid acrylic with the modeling paste and spread it on the canvas. Using a stylus (actually I used a porcupine quill) I drew the tree shape. While it was still wet, I added burnt sienna fluid acrylic to give the drawn lines color. It took about 15 hours to dry. After it dried, I sponged various shades of green on for the leaves. I liked the sample so much, I decided to use it. Since it was not attached to the book, I sewed it in using embroidery floss. You can faintly see the back of the stitching on the seas and skies page. I added a tag with a scripture from Isaiah "and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands".

Dividing the sea and sky

For this one, I mixed Lumiere pearl blue with gloss heavy gel meduim and painted the seas. While it was still wet, I crumpled up a piece of plastic wrap and dabbed it on the wet paint to give dimension to the waters. To the leftover dark blue paint, I added pearl white and painted the skies. After this was dry, I used gesso to further define the separation between the two elements and give a spot for writing the text. I dry brushed the water with pearl white. When the sky was dry, I applied xpandaprint paint and puffed it up with a heat gun. The xpandaprint was expensive, and I had to order it. I tested it against Tulip puffy paint, and found no difference when they were applied wet and immediately heated with a heat gun.

Let there be light

When I painted the front cover black, it bled through to the next page, so I used white gesso to block it. Then I used some Thesaurus text about light, and torn tissue paper, adhering it with white glue. After it dried, I covered in gel medium and then I used a chunky Sharpie to write the bold text. I added a tag with a scripture from the first chapter of John about the nature of the light.

Creation Book

In July I'll be teaching a mixed media adult art camp at my church on three Wednesdays. I've had so much fun putting together a canvas book for the class sample.

The first image is the cover page. I used a freezer paper mask in a spiral shape and sponged on paint then dotted on colors with the end of a paintbrush. After it was dry, I removed the freezer paper and used a white signo pen from uniball to add the text in the area that had been masked. love that pen!

The string on the left side of the image is a tag from the next page.