Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visit to Lake Woodruff

We were planning to go to Merritt Island national wildlife refuge on Thursday, but its main drive is closed for paving until mid-July, so we went to Lake Woodruff wild life refuge instead. Tom's shoulder is now healed enough to carry his new camera. I expected it to be hot, muggy and mosquitoey, but it was beautiful. There was a constant breeze eliminating the mosquitoes and providing relief from the heat. We've had lots of rain, so the trail was muddy.

We went in the late afternoon hoping to see lots of wading birds, but none were close enough to photograph. We actually saw more wading birds in the puddles at the service station before we got on the interstate.

But we did see some wildlife, alligators, rabbits, red wing blackbirds, many small birds protecting nests, lots of beautiful and varied dragonflies, and a huge colony of vultures. The sounds of the birds and frogs was delightful. We'll go back another day in the winter and look for the whooping cranes that nest here in the winter.

The vistas were so beautiful, marshlands, hardwood hammocks, and palm trees.

Tom cleaned our shoes
when we arrived home.

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