Monday, October 28, 2013

Taking it to the Floor

I haven't made a queen sized quilt in a while, but if I move most of the furniture out of my studio I can pin baste it on the floor. Any larger than a queen, I have to take it to my garage floor. Which of course would need a thorough washing…and where do you stop?
The quilt began with these low volume fabrics
on the cutting table
Now it’s ready to pin and quilt
ready to pin
This is a commission quilt, and it has been fun working in colors I don’t normally use. The white strip near the top is a shaft of sunlight, not a fabric variation. If you are looking closely, it's also laid out upside down.
I won’t get it quilted for awhile because I have an opportunity to go to the Houston quilt show with my sister! WooHoo!