Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

While this blog is mostly about my art, one Saturday in March I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Universal Studios in Orlando and experience another kind of art. The weather was beautiful, my companions were delightful, and the park exceeded my expectations.

Having read all the books, I confess that I am a “Potterphile”,  but seeing J.K. Rowling’s creation come to life was a real treat. The attention to detail and the architecture of the park was truly a work of artistic genius. I hadn’t ridden an amusement park ride for many years, but the attraction, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was awesome. Waiting in line was a bore, but once inside the castle, the experience was magical. The talking portraits were every bit as wonderful as Rowling’s books describe, and the holographic images of the movie characters were very realistic. Once the ride began, I was thoroughly enchanted. The 3D effects were astounding,  as we even had the feeling of riding on broomsticks in a quidditch game.
We spent most of our time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but enjoyed some of the other parts of the park as well. Here's a photo from Jurassic Park.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend round two of the NCAA basketball championship in Tampa on Thursday. While I don’t always watch basketball with the same intelligence as Tom, I do enjoy a good show.

Here’s my list of non basketball highlights

Best Pep Band

Princeton University’s scramble band wins top honors for costuming, energy and creativity. Here’s one of their percussionists.


princeton pep band

Best Dance Team

Michigan State had slinky costumes, and great dance moves. These young women were in great shape.


msu dance team

Best Cheerleaders

UK’s squad holds more national championships than the basketball team. Their creative use of the mascot gets kudos.


uk cheerleaders

Best Mascot

This is tough. I love the UK mascot, especially when he wears his patchwork pants, but the nod goes to “Albert” of the University of Florida. Gotta love a plush gator.



Sorry, WVA, your Mountaineer mascot needs a makeover. Either drop the rifle prop or learn to twirl it. Definitely needs more moves than walking around patting the gun. Any ideas on a different prop for him? Moonshine jug? Hmmm…. seems in poor taste.



Best Fans

Hands down, University of Kentucky.  Give Cat fans the opportunity to buy tickets, and every game becomes a home game.