Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art Dolls

My sister and her husband were recently here on vacation. One of their granddaughters and a friend spent a week with them. I had the privilege of spending an afternoon teaching them to make art dolls. The original pattern came from Debbi Crane who blogs at Paper Doll Post. After I left, the girls spent a lot of time making dolls going way beyond what I showed them. They made a bug, a mermaid, a cat, a snake, and a big assortment of dolls embellished to the max.

7 dolls

4 dolls

2 more dolls

2 dolls more

2 dolls


  1. Oh they are totally adorable! What great creative pieces they have made.

  2. cute. Wish I had little girls around. Maybe I'll have great granddaughters.

  3. Susan, have missed you this summer. Hope all is well.

  4. What a fun project. cute dolls.