Sunday, February 19, 2012

Compassion Quilts

Recently I started a group at my church for people who wanted to learn to sew. We had the goal of making 30 tiny baby quilts to make available to our local hospital. These quilts are given to families who lose a child at birth.
I collected sewing machines, applied for start up funds from our mission ministry and set up a time. We currently have about ten women who come regularly. Some have never sewed, others haven’t sewn in years, and only one of them was familiar with modern quilting methods.

ginny rotary cut

Our first quilts are comprised of twenty five 4.5” blocks with 2.5” borders. This makes a quilt about 24” square.
Everyone got busy, cutting, ironing, designing and sewing.

everyone busy
first quilt design
Here’s one of our quilters with her very first quilt. She had never operated a machine before. Can’t you just see the satisfaction in her face?
At our last meeting we covered the quilt sandwich, and one quilter starting a cross hatch pattern. I’ll post updates as we progress.

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  1. Good for you for encouraging interest from new quilters! And all for a good cause. One of your members even has her arm in a cast? Now there's a challenge.