Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Middle school lock-in

A few months ago I did a pillow painting and sewing project with the young people at our church. They did a great job, and we had lots of fun. This past weekend, it was the middle schoolers who had the opportunity to have a similar project.
They painted 18” cotton duck squares, with Pebeo setacolor and Jaquard fabric paints. They used a variety of techniques including masking with painters tape strips, cutting shapes from freezer paper, stenciling and stamping. They let them dry for an hour or so then came back and embellished them with Tulip Glow in the Dark dimensional paints. I only had a few bottles, so they made dots, squiggles and added some text.  I don’t recommend the product for covering large areas, but was great for small beadlike embellishments.
The next morning the paint had dried and they sewing their pillows and stuffed them. They loved learning to use a sewing machine. One of the boys told me that he thought sewing was going to be boring, but he now loved it. He was the one who wanted to wind and load bobbins, thread the machine and see how everything worked.
These photos were taken in daylight, but in the dark, they were absolutely glowing.
pile of finished pillows

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  1. Great work from this group! Bless you for leading them.