Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clayton Valentines 2011 Edition

Well here it is, photos of our family’s annual valentine exchange. Over 20 years ago, our daughters who were then in grade school wanted to purchase valentines to give to the family. Tom and I suggested that we each make a valentine and the idea caught on. Through the years, the valentines have had many messages, heartfelt, poignant, silly, corny, political, cultural, and of course those involving sports. Although not photographed, I heard there was a Justin Bieber themed card this year. Here are some of this year’s editions.

laurel biden

Love the pun and the 3D effect of the Biden figure. It had to come in a special box

patricia sponge

Like I said, every theme, even the kitchen sink

orange you glad

My valentines usually show the techniques I am practicing in my studio

NJ outside

I had to alter the front of the card to avoid copywrite infringement

inside NJ

Now the inside, definitely a homemade appeal

love berry much

More corniness

patricia apple

From our daughter who works with iPads in the classroom

perfect pear

sketchbook practice

silly bands outside

front of card

silly bands inside
and inside. Those are silly bands attached to the card.

I don’t know how many more years we will do this, but we are still having fun.

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