Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art of Paul Baliker part2

Installation day. The tarpon arrived on a truck, tied down and lying on a pillow. The artist, Paul Baliker is in the blue jacket.


Straps were attached and the fish was lifted off the truck and driven 50 yards to the site.

walking the fish

It took teamwork to get it in place

down the hill

fish wrangling1

Just add water and let the fountain play. 

in position

The city workers were very efficient. While one crew installed the tarpon, another crew was laying down new sod. The whole process took less than two hours. When we left for the day it was only going to be a few hours before the tide came in and filled the pond again.  It should be completed by Saturday.


  1. A delicate operation! Looks as if all went well. Very exciting. Looking forward to the finished installation.

  2. Susan, I am trying to get the address for the Iraq bundles, but Wordpress and I do not get along and I have tried commenting twice but I never get the address. I just picked you out ramdomly out of the comments. Would you be able to forward me the address?