Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Art of Paul Baliker

When my mother and father died, we had memorial services, their bodies were cremated, their ashes were scattered in places where they enjoyed spending time. Those were their wishes, but there were no headstones, no markers, no cemetery records, nothing to commemorate their lives. To honor them and recognize the contributions they made to their community, my siblings and I decided to fund a piece of public art in the city of Ormond Beach, Florida, my parents home for many years.
We met with city officials and engaged a local artist, Paul Baliker. The city agreed to do all the preparatory work, and we agreed to commission and pay the sculptor. Paul’s design is for a leaping tarpon that springs from a pond on a popular riverfront park. A fountain will be installed to give the illusion of movement of the tarpon.

First the city drained the pond

draining the pond

Then they began the concrete and plumbing work

plumbing and plinth

Here’s an overview of the setting for the tarpon

overview of plumbing work

The city will continue concrete and plumbing work this week and on February 3rd, a crane and the tarpon arrive. The artist will supervise the installation of the sculpture and fountain. There is a wedding in the park on Saturday, and the city plans to have the sculpture and fountain fully operative and all landscaping completed by then. My two sisters and brother and our spouses will celebrate our parents’ lives this weekend.

I’ll post some more pictures later in the week.

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  1. What a wonderful way to commemorate your parents' lives! Look forward to seeing the completed installation. And how nice the wedding group will benefit at their event on the weekend.