Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ephemera and Closet Cleaning

Every January I do a bit of clearing out. Thrift store, Friends of Library sale, consignments shops and the curb are where items go that I no longer need. This year I opened a trunk that has been stored in the attic or garage for at least 40 years.
Here’s a sample of what I found
philly ticket A Beatles Concert ticket stub from their Philadelphia concert in 1966 (yes, I was there)

75 of so Beatles trading cards like this gem from 1964
buzz cut number 102
Fan magazines galore
eight magazines
And a program from an Independence Day address by President Kennedy that I attended in 1962.
gov conf program inside
and a menu from the same day
independence menu 1962
This year I have a new outlet…Ebay!
I suppose the Beatles items are copy write protected, but feel free to use the others in your artwork.
I’ve got a lot more clearing out to do, so I won’t be doing much artwork until I make my valentines.


  1. What a treasure trove! I would think you'd find a good market for these on e-bay. Good luck.

  2. wow, these could fund your art supply needs for the rest of the year! What great finds! I remember I had a bunch of the Beatles trading cards too. I have no idea what happened to them but I know I no longer have them:-(