Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday Link Up

Even though it’s a little more work, I’ve been creating quilts from my scrap bin recently. I found this quilt on Leanne’s website and promptly began sorting my warm and cool 2 1/2” strips.
I decided to make two quilts, one from cool colors and the other from warm. The block construction for the two quilts is exactly the same, they are just set differently resulting in very different quilts. One difference between our construction is that she used  five 2” wide strips for each block and I used four 2 1/2" wide strips for each block.  This endless play of color and design is of the things I find so satisfying about quilting.
cool quilt2
warm quilt2
The blue green one is ready to pin baste and quilt, the salmon one is still in the construction phase.
Further down the scrap food chain is this pile of 2/12” squares ready to assemble into 16” blocks for yet another scrap quilt.
postage stamp quilt
I thought I was doing so well managing my scraps until I found this big bin crammed with scraps.
more scraps2
The first step for me will be to cut these scraps into manageable sizes. I sort them into 5” squares, 2 1/2” strips, and 2 1/2” squares. Anything smaller than that is packaged by color and sent to my local thrift shop.


  1. Love the warm color quilt from scraps. It looks so cozy.

  2. Getting those scraps from years of use under control is such a challenge! Love the way you are using yours.

  3. I love these 2 little quilts you've come up with. They are a fantastic use of your scraps. I need to organize my scraps too. That might be a good project for this weekend, in leu of going out and getting yet more fabrics.

  4. I really love the cool color quilt - so fun to look at! I don't think my bins will ever be under control.

  5. I love how different they both are! Thanks for linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday

  6. You have a lot of fun ones going on! Good luck on your scrap pile

  7. I love your quilts using the blended scrap block variation, there are endless options as they are really just HSTs. I'm glad you are joining us for Scraptastic Tuesday!

  8. I agree, so fun to play with color, especially with scraps!

  9. Very pretty, inspiring quilts!

  10. I am especially drawn to cool colors, and your quilt is just beautiful!