Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paper Wall Hanging

My studio is set up and I love the light and space I am now enjoying. (studio tour coming) I left Florida with one project remaining, a wall hanging for the new meditation room at First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach.
This piece began with painted papers left over from various projects. I never wash paint down the sink, every bit of paint is applied to paper and saved. here’s a link to how I do it.
finished pages2
My idea was to solicit favorite hymn or scripture texts from the congregation. It was important to me that the writing be done in the participants’ handwriting.
I wanted to create a wall hanging similar to the ticker tape quilt I did earlier. Arranging the papers on the background fabric  is fun, not unlike working a jigsaw puzzle.
on the design wall
Finally, it was ready to go under the needle.
under the needle
and attach the binding
preparing the binding
It’s ready to hang.
ready to hang
Detailed views
I intentionally left one paper that will always remain blank. It’s so anyone who views it can insert their own hymn or scripture text.
Now for the technical stuff.
The quilt measures 25” x 43”. I used a 60 microtex needle, 100 wt. silk thread in the needle and 60 wt. poly thread in the bobbin. Like sewing on leather, there is no do over on paper, every stitch makes a hole that does not heal. I dropped the feed teeth and attached my free motion foot. I tried to use a fairly large stitch as every stitch micro-perfs the paper. It’s a good thing this quilt will hang on the wall, it will not hold up to much handling.
Should you decide to do something similar, I found that paint markers and sharpies did the best job of adhering to the paper. Ball point and gel pens tended to smear.

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