Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Days in the Studio

Yesterday morning the studio was brightly sunlit, and I began a painting project. In a previous post I wrote about how I use leftover paint to paint pages to use in later projects. I pulled out some of those pages and set them aside for further embellishment.

preparing to paint

I gathered my supplies, paints, stencils and stamps.

preparing to paint2

I spent the morning, painting papers, and of course making some new pages with the left over paints.

finished pages1

finished pages2

I wanted a variety of colors in lights and darks, as well as bright and dull pages. Since my sketchbook pages are painted on both sides I painted both sides which doubles my options in using them.

I let them dry overnight and this morning I painted them with soft gel gloss mixed with iridescent paint. The soft gel makes them soft and pliable so they can be stitched by hand or machine. The addition of a little gold paint to the soft gel gloss adds a bit of sparkle and unifies the pages.

Alas, every good party must come to an end.

the party's over

I’m working on a project using these papers which I plan to submit for publication. Yikes! I’ve said it out loud!


  1. Go for it! Good for you, submitting for publication. Your papers look good so far. This is a fun thing to do, I should set up a workshop for my creativity group. The wash out is not the fun part;-(

  2. Delicious assortment of papers! What fun. My heart beat faster just seeing the supplies laid out and ready, esp. those mesh things, punchinella, and bubble plastic. The tip about soft gel with a bit of gold mixed... thanks! I love stitching on paper. Good luck with your submission.