Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block-along Week 3

This week I narrowed my palette choices and I’m happy with them. I remade the plum tea leaf block in green and and now the plum block becomes an orphan. Sad smile
reworked tea leaf
In working with this week’s blocks, I found a new block I just love, Dove in the Window. That gold star is my favorite block so far.
dove in the window
I had a little trouble with the Art Square block. I made it according to the instructions in the book and just wasn’t happy with the big white square in the middle of the block, so I did another one with a  printed square in the middle. Now I’m thinking that middle square is too graphic for the rest of the quilt and I may just go with the white square and use it as a canvas for some fancy pants quilting. Or I may make it again with a more tonal print in the center and start an orphanage with my reject blocks.
art square block
Here are the blocks to date.
blocks 1 thru 6
That’s it for the conventionally pieced blocks, now it’s on to paper piecing the remainder of the blocks for the quilt. Paper piecing is not really my thing, but perhaps I’ll use my Michael’s coupon and get this light box. Artists are giving this children’s art box rave reviews,  the blogosphere claims that it is better than many light boxes and it is lightweight and portable. It’s certainly a step up from the window I've been using.
light box

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