Friday, November 9, 2012

Pink Sewing Machine

I have just cleaned out my studio and had sold or given away several machines and cabinets. I just kept my “pets”.

So I was taking a walk this morning and came upon a yard sale and found this pink Morse machine for next to nothing. It’s label says it’s a super dial and it only sews a straight stitch.

morse super dial pink

It is in great cosmetic condition. I haven’t threaded it yet, but the interior looks clean and the motor wiring is good. When I plugged it in it ran smoothly. It has a more powerful motor than many domestic machines. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, probably just enjoy its brilliant pink for awhile, then find a good home for it.

If anyone knows what I have or where I might find a compatible manual for it, let me know.

Just remembered my neighborhood is having a yard sale this weekend. I’d better stay home.


  1. I. Am. SEW. JEALOUS!!!! If you ever decide to part with that baby, let me know!

  2. Well now you just have to smile when you see a pretty-in-pink vintage sewing machine! Nice buy.