Monday, November 12, 2012

Easy Swing Bags

I loosely followed the pattern at the Better Homes and Gardens website to make a couple of swing bags this weekend. Here is a photo of the inspiration from the website.

photo from BHG

And here are the two bags I made. For the black and tan one, I had a couple of d-rings from a junked purse. I also had a strap from the same purse. For the alligator one, I made the strap using a recycled T-shirt. I couldn't find reasonably priced d-rings, so I used small key rings which are about 90% cheaper than d-rings. I found mine at Michael's. I boxed the corners on the alligator bag.

2 bags

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  1. These are cute, and I like how you made use of recycled materials. They never looked so good!