Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover

I admire Malka Dubrawsky’s style, and when I purchased her book, fresh quilting, I knew I had to make the sewing machine cover pictured on the cover of the book. I had saved a bag of scraps left over from a huge quilting project several years ago. That project involved painting fabrics and making 25+ full sized bed quilts for a retreat center in Monte Blanco, Bolivia.
children's quilt
blue and red violet
The quilts were absolutely gorgeous, and our congregation in Evansville was fully involved in painting the fabrics, designing the panels and sewing the quilts. There were a lot of scraps. I’ve been saving them for a project, and decided to make a cover for my machine. The pieces I had were 2” squares, so it involved a lot of piecing. I had to adapt Malka’s pattern to fit my machine and also allow for my smaller sized blocks.
piecing the scraps2
The construction of the quilt called for the seams to appear off kilter which suited my project perfectly.
putting it together
Here it is all finished
I’ll have to make a cover for my serger next.

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  1. You're not kidding... that was a huge quilting project. The quilts turned out gorgeous. Nice to use those scraps in something you'll use every day. Very pretty machine cover. Thanks for the reminder. I've got one started that I never finished. I'll put it back on the to-do list.