Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New addition to the studio

A few years ago I bought a Horn sewing table for an extra machine in my studio. It was never quite right. It was not possible to adjust it to fit two of my machines in the flat bed area, and it was too high for my serger.
My sister started sewing again, and bought a new machine. I sold her my table and went shopping for a replacement. At a thrift store I found exactly what I was looking for at the unbeatable price of $10. It’s the perfect height for a sewing machine or serger. It is just the right size to fit against my existing table and it’s on casters.
serger table

Now that my serger is out all the time, it needed a cover too.  I used some existing fabric, quilted it using two threads in the needle (a metallic and a variegated) and added the beaded fabric circles.

serger cover

Now if I could just become master of my serger. Right now it is the boss of me.


  1. Well they both look real pretty waiting for you to work with them! And a $10 find is definitely a feel-good.

  2. I'm hoping by now you are the master of your serger. I just bought a Brother 1034D serger, and tackled it for the first time on Monday. I bought a used 1034D serger today from the Salvation Army that had been returned to Walmart, then Walmart donated it to the SA. It had a few problems, but I actually figured them out, and it is serging beautifully. Don't let it scare you!

    Your new tables look great the price is fantastic!