Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Good Fortune Birds

After making about 10 strands of these birds, I’m back to making more. I had forgotten how much fun they were to make. I need to make a replacement for my daughter’s strand because she is taking them to Germany with her on Monday to give to a wonderful family in Tönisvorst‎. They are the family that hosted her for six weeks when she was a high school student. They have since hosted her and other members of our family several times. I loaned my strand of birds to an artist and frequent contributor to CPS magazine for consideration in a future issue. So here are new birds for me and my daughter.

more birds2


  1. These look great. I like the shape and the snazzy wings. They are fun to make. May have to give some a try once again. Hope your daughter enjoys her trip.

  2. They look beautiful! I know the Richters are going to love them!

  3. Hi, I just looked at many days worth of your blog. Nice work, now I can connect better with who I received some of my scrumptious squares from! They are great, thanks. I have one of the metal circle squares. It is most interesting.