Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A book! From scratch!

Using Debbi Crane’s instructions from her book Mixed Media Explorations, and an online class from Creative Workshops, I have managed to make my first book.

It has a cardboard spine, five hand stitched signatures, a front cover a back cover made from the board on the back of the watercolor pad. I has forty watercolor paper pages. I used a piece of tissue paper I painted last summer for the cover. It’s a little bit wonky, but I’m pleased with it.




Then I got so excited about the first one, I made a simpler one, a pamphlet stitched book with only one signature. It has 32 pages and a painted canvas cover. This could get to be a lot of fun.



Both books have watercolor paper for the pages, so I can do all kinds of wet work in them.


  1. These look great, Susan! I've got some books in me, too, so am taking an online class also. Keep on with your efforts.

  2. Beautiful books! Nice that they are filled with water colour paper too : )

  3. Your books turned out nicely! Making them does become addicting.