Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Lipstick

Every now and then I need to try a new lipstick. Having read somewhere online that Revlon drugstore lipstick was every bit as good as department store brands, I cruised the cosmetic aisle at Target. Suddenly I was back in Woolworth’s on Beach Street. The names of the colors evoked memories of Junior High and giggling with my girlfriends. Here are the names I remember: Love that Red, , Rum Raisin, Soft Silver Beige, Paint the Town Pink , Fire and Ice, and my all time favorite color name, Cherries in the Snow. I think one of my dear friend’s mother wore that shade. I chose Kiss Me Coral.

When I got home and opened the tube, I was again whisked back in time. It looked just like Tangee , ORANGE! Tangee was the miracle lipstick which went on clear, then was supposed to gradually change into your perfect skin tone complement. It was inexpensive, and everyone had it. It never turned beautiful for me. it changed to a hideous shade of pink and smelled funny. Kiss Me Coral didn’t change color, I just had to tone down it’s retro orange. So much for memory lane.

If you want more info about Tangee, including a video and customer comments, check out the Vermont Country Store.


  1. so funny! i can so relate to this!

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  2. When I read the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about a new pet cat for Koko. Another memory lane!

  3. Oh that Vermont Country Store...