Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished bedroom

This project began with a vision in the summer of 2003. Laurel had just moved to Chapel Hill, and I stopped in at a fabric store and purchased yardage to make a king sized quilt. I had no idea what design I would use, I just knew I wanted it in shades of blue/green. Over the years I collected fabrics and skills, and began the process of making the quilt about a year and a half ago. After the top was pieced, I cut stencils for the gingko leaves, painted them with Shiva paint sticks. I used a very similar technique to this video.

Then I began the process of quilting a king size quilt on my home machine. I auditioned a lot of threads, but eventually chose a fluorescent lime green. Sounds weird, but it turned out beautifully.

I finished the quilt several months ago, but still needed to make the bed skirt and pillows to complete the ensemble.

It’s done!



  1. Lots of work here... this is lovely!

  2. How beautiful! I am so glad that you finally gave yourself (and Tom) one of your beautiful quilts!