Sunday, January 3, 2010

My creative process, part one

The challenge for my fiber arts group this month is “Organized Chaos”. I had a 9x12 journal quilt I had made last year but not quite finished. The quilt was made from painted tissue paper, fused to felt and then densely quilted. The colors were pleasing, the quilting was good, but it had no focal point, so I decided to work with it. My idea was to paint it, then cut it up and reconstruct it.

the original ginko

The quilt had no binding, so I used a chunky thread and did a double blanket stitch on my machine.

binding the original

Next I painted one side of it, and flipped it over to paint the other side.

laying down the paint

I flipped it again in order to blend the colors, and one of those serendipitous moments occurred. The pattern made by the side I painted first was a beautiful mono print.


I quickly grabbed some black fabric and made two prints.

two mono prints

Part two tomorrow…

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