Monday, January 4, 2010

Creative process part 2

I took one of the mono prints applied fusible web to the back and cut it into twelve 3 inch squares. I then shuffled the squares and affixed them to black fabric

two quilts in process2

The quilt on the left is the original one, now painted with metallic paints, and the one on the right is the new piece. Since the original quilt had ginkgo leaves on it, (and no focal point) I think I’m going to appliqué a ginko leaf to it. I don’t have any fabric the color I want, so for now I have cut a paper piece as a guide. I am painting some tissue paper and some stitch paper, one of which I will appliqué to the quilt.

painted tissue paper painted stitch paper

And I almost always paint my journal pages with left over paint.

Painted journal pages

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