Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative Process part 3

I spent a long time yesterday painting the tissue paper. The color I posted yesterday was too yellow. I wanted a lot of layers, but I also wanted it to be compatible with the colors in the mono-print. Today it pleased me.

the right color tissue paper

I cut out the leaf shape and fused it to black fabric, then fused it to the quilt body. I added some paint dots to the quilt body to soften the solid black lines. I found the perfect fabric for backing and binding the quilt, a beautiful hand dyed fabric from Wendy Richardson.

leaf placement and backing selection

I chose wool batting, and quilted it with a green silk thread. Whenever possible, I outlined the ginkgo shapes from the original quilt. The tissue paper leaf was very easy to quilt, but I had to get out my magnifier to see the stitching on the rest of the quilt.

finishing the quilting2

Tomorrow I’ll get the binding on and post the finished product. I also have a challenge for my blog readers. I’ll be giving away a couple of prizes when I post my 50th blog. (this one is post #43) You will need to post a comment on my blog the day I announce the prizes. So consider this a head’s up, start learning how you can register and make a comment.

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