Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Breaking Up

I was doing so well with my Vintage Revival Blocks, I was pleased with the palette and the blocks looked like they would make a great sampler.

blocks 1 thru 6

Then I hit the foundation pieced blocks. After hours of cutting, sewing, ripping out tiny stitches and taping shredded paper, I produced two blocks.

riviera blockdakota star

Then I started block 9. After much frustration and some swearing, I threw it the trash can. In that moment I had an epiphany, I’m done, over it, paper piecing and I have broken up for good. Roz Chast said it well.

roz chast

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  1. But the two that you made turned out beautifully! I'm not a big fan of paper piecing either. Already challenged by being left-handed, I just can't get my brain to think they way required to get pieces to cover the paper. Among other problems. I don't like the fluttery little pieces ripped away, or the tiny ones stuck in the seamline. Hope there are some other alternatives to complete this project.