Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine Superlatives 2013

Here’s the 2013 edition of Clayton valentines.
Best artwork: Tom for hand drawn heart font
heart font
Best Pop culture valentines: Laurel
(Raylan and Boyd from Justified, my favorite show)
boyd and raylan outside
raylan and boyd inside
Best UK themed valentine: Patricia
UK valentine 3 reasons UK valentine inside
(You must be a hard-core, long time fan to connect the dots for this one)
Best use of personal photographs: Susan
king of my heart
Best use of newspaper puzzles: Tom
words of wisdom outside
words of wisdom inside
Best use of advertising: Laurel
bad ideas outside
bad ideas inside
For additional Clayton valentines, check out Patti Wagon. You’ll find my stitched owl valentine there.
We always have so much fun with these silly cards.

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