Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taming the scrap bag

I’ve been quilting since the turn of the century, so over the years, I’ve collected lots of scraps. I rarely throw out any fabrics. My fabric bins were overflowing, I received a call for a need for quilts for a new hospice unit in our community and I got busy making a scrap quilt.
I found a pattern online and began cutting 2 1/2” strips

click here for the tutorial for this quilt and some examples of quilts others have made. The process is addictive and I pinned most of the blocks during the super bowl.
Here's my example
taming the scrap bag
Were I to make this quilt again, I would try making all the strong diagonals in the same color, or value. I think it would give more definition to the diamond pattern.
This pattern had more definition than the others and I found this pattern online .
scrap vomit mock up - bigger version
I like scrappy quilts, but my preference is that the quilt has definition, or places for the eye to rest.
Our quilting group at church just received a huge bag of scraps, so be watching for more scrap quilts as we make quilts for the hospice unit.

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