Thursday, August 2, 2012


Of late I have become interested in refashioning, the art/skill of making something new from something previously unusable.
In a previous post I pictured my daughter of the blog Patti Wagon and her transformation of Lilly palazzo pants into a fun summer dress.

The refashioning continued with a top and purse from another discarded Lilly dress. You can check out her blog for how she did it.

And while in Kentucky, my niece showed me a purse she had made from three pairs of old jeans. Two years ago she spent a few days with me learning how to sew. Her projects were among the first I blogged about. I'm impressed with the ways she used the elements of the jeans, the hand stitching and the embellishments.

BJ bag
Here’s the back
bj bag back 

She's sewing with a Singer 237 I found at a thrift shop. Great Job!

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  1. Recylcing at its very best, I'd say! Great projects, and how nice you got your niece started on her sewing journey.