Thursday, July 19, 2012


Although I have never been a regular Project Runway viewer, I am fascinated by the process, particularly those that involve transforming an existing garment into something else (usually for the better.)

I picked up some vintage Lilly Pulitzer wide legged pants at a thrift store last summer. I loved the fun alligator print. I wore them once, but they were not particularly flattering, so they were moved  from my closet to a bin in my studio for sewing project.

Enter, Patti, the reckless seamstress. I was never able to pin her down long enough to teach her to sew when she was growing up, but she has flair and since she never learned the rules she is absolutely fearless. She says she hears Tim Gunn inspiring her to “make it work

Here are the before and after.

before after

Check out her blog for step by step of how she did it. Other refashioning projects coming soon.


  1. I liked this as pants, but love it as a dress! She worked wonders. Well done. I'm a Project Runway fan and this would be a winner as far as I can see.

  2. she looks so cute in the first picture and comfortable but she looks WOW in the second. What a great transformation of those pants. Well done!