Friday, September 9, 2011

Sewing with my sister

A couple of years before my mother died, she bought my two sisters and me fabric to make kimonos. Last year, Tracy finished them just in time for a family reunion. This week, Tracy wanted to make placemats out of the remaining scraps. They turned out beautifully.
Here they are in process paired with her china and some of the napkins she embellished.
tracy's placemats
She made some with yellow borders, some with green, and some with purple borders. Here are the green ones with their binding on.
There’s still leftover fabric, and she got inspired and made her first quilt. She’s been bitten badly. I’m meeting her at a sewing store next week to shop for a machine.
Here’s Tracy’s first completed top. I think it is fantastic, plus it’s flat and the corners are square. Quite a feat for a beginning quilter.
tracy's quilt
Here’s a photo of my first quilt. It was lumpy and crooked. In my defense I made it under the guidance of a hand quilters guild who cut their squares out by marking with soap slivers around a  cardboard template. They were dear women, mostly over 70 who sewed and quilted like they had in the 40's. They opened their fabric cupboards to me and helped me finish it by hand tying.  It’s pretty pitiful. Rotary cutters, mats and rulers do wonders for getting a quilt that’s flat and straight. The quilt went to a nursing home patient to keep her warm during Indiana’s cold winters.
first quilt

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  1. Nice use of these fabrics! Oh my.. marking with soap slivers and cardboard templates.. those were the days! You're so right about rotary cutters.