Saturday, September 17, 2011

Design on a Nickel—Painting pillows

To prepare the fabric for painting, I purchased natural canvas fabric at JoAnn’s. It’s with the canvas duck, but it does not have the same finish as the colored duck.  washed it in hot water with detergent and damp dried it in the dryer, then finished drying it on a clothes rack. After ironing it I cut the fabric in 14” squares and 18” squares.
To introduce the painting to the participants, I had them work on 5” squares using freezer paper, masking tape and rubber stamps. We used the latex house paint left over from painting the room and furniture. They very quickly got the hang of it.
making samples
creating designs
helping designinstructions for pillows
painting pillows
Here are some of their artwork. We let them dry over night


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  1. WOW! They did a great job. And the participants are so focused. I'm sure you've turned some of them into big textile fans. Well done.