Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Collage Lab—Cardboard Substrates

Today I worked on Lab 5 in Bee Shay’s book Collage Lab. I cut and distressed the cardboard to reveal a lot of the ridges, then I prepped the top row of the samples with white gesso. The second row was prepped with matte medium and the third row was not prepped.

cardboard step one

Next I painted the samples

The first column was painted with full strength olive green paint.

The second column was painted in a 50/50 wash with turquoise paint

The third column was painted with a vivid lime green

The fourth column was painted with a blend of titan buff and a robin’s egg blue.

I’m already liking how the ones prepped with gesso look.

cardboard step 2

For the final coat I did a dry brush technique with yellow paint on the olive green column

On the second column I did a dry brush with full strength turquoise mixed with a little bit of bronze iridescent.

On the third column, I did a wash of 50/50 turquoise. It really toned down the brightness of the vivid green.

For the fourth column I did a dark blue ink wash (50% water)

The last piece in the photo was an un-prepped piece I painted when I had paint left over from other samples. I think I’ll lighten it up and try the tissue paper overlay that Bee Shay writes about in her blog.

cardboard finished

Lab notes: I liked the samples that were prepped with gesso the best . The colors were truer since they weren’t influenced by the color of the cardboard.

After the pieces dried, the green gold pieces were really ugly. I added a 1/1 mix of light aqua paint and acrylic glazing liquid. I colored the extra piece that was dark turquoise as well. I liked it so much when I was finished that I followed Bee’s lead by writing on tissue paper with a Pitt artist pen and adhering it to the cardboard with matte medium. I’ve got a plan formulating for how I will use it.

more cardboard

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