Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fabric Fast Update

I’m into the third month of my fabric fast and I’m still pinning the new introductions onto my Pinterest page After the Fabric Fast. You may have to have a Pinterest account to access my pins, but don’t blame me if you get addicted to Pinterest.
I’m a huge fan of Lotta Jansdotter and her new line Mormor is just beautiful. I love Lotta’s Scandinavian designs on a crisp white backgrounds.

Ah well, just 3 and a half months to go.
I did acquire some fabric this month. I bought a yard of some lilac fabric to finish a quilt for our hospice quilt project, my daughter gave me some fabric, and yes, I made a purchase for myself…but I can justify it.
I have made an interactive swatch card with a 2012 Kona Cotton fabric card. Since new colors were introduced last fall, I purchased a charm pack to update my swatch card with all the colors in the collection.
To make this card, I cut up the original swatch card, and attached Velcro to the swatches and attached them to a piece of poster paper with the other half of the Velcro. Now I can remove the swatches from the master card and see them on the fabrics I want to match without the confusion of the surrounding colors. When I am finished, they just reattach to the master card in color order. Obsessive? Maybe just a tad…


  1. I could see your Pinterest page even though I have no account there. You'll be shopping happy- but in the meantime, the swatch card will sure be a handy tool. I'm trying to trim and purge the fabric stash, too. Surprisingly, at time I go to find something for a project, and really nothing is there! Kind of limiting, but I'd really like to use up what's here and cut down on shopping for new fabric.