Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Four Quick Quilts

Try saying that fast seven times.
We had some fabric remaining from our sanctuary quilt projects, so rather than stash it, I made some quick quilts for people in our congregation who are no longer able to attend church.
st. andrews cross
This one was designed like the sanctuary  quilt which I made for our congregation’s 90th anniversary. I did free motion spirals in the gold and dark blue sections, and did channel quilting 3/4” apart in the border. This quilt measures about 45” square.
quilting detail St. Andrews cross
These two medallion quilts measure about 40” square. I did cross hatch quilting on them, one with dark blue thread, the other with gold thread.

This quilt started out as the back for the St. Andrews cross quilt, but when I took it to my Wednesday morning sewing group for help in pin basting, they convinced me it would look beautiful on its own.
There was a lot of negative space and I decided to fill it with serpentine stitching. The stitching rows are 1.5” apart.
quilting detail striped
I did all the bindings by machine. Although I love a hand sewn binding, I’m getting better at machine binding. I think the key is to use a very skinny thread in the bobbin that blends with the backing fabric. In some of these I used Superior Bottom Line, a 60 wt. poly thread. In others I used Wonderfil Invasifil, a 100 wt. poly thread.

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