Friday, December 28, 2012

Making Fabric Behave

On a recent visit, Pattiwagon brought a dress she had purchased from a deep clearance rack. It had an uneven hem on the chiffon overlay (which is why it was probably on clearance) and she challenged me to fix it with my serger.
dress before
Now I’m no expert in serging, but I knew this chiffon overlay was going to cause problems. Nancy Zieman recommends PerectSew spray, but my sewing store didn’t have it in stock, so I improvised.
I used this recipe for solvy soup and dipped the hem of the dress in it then hung it to dry overnight.
soaked in solvy soup
The next day it was dry. It was pliable, but stiff enough not to cause bunching problems.
I marked and cut off the excess hem.
cutting off
And serged a 3 thread rolled edge with Polyarn in the upper and lower loopers. It worked like a dream.   $5 dress transformed from peculiar looking to very wearable.
I have lots of the solvy soup left over and I’m thinking about making some of the scarves  I’ve been seeing in stores this year that have two layers, a lightweight knit and a chiffon.