Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Virtual Open Studio Tour

Thanks for visiting on the Cloth Paper Scissors Virtual Open Studio Tour. Welcome to my studio. I am lucky to have an extra bedroom in our home to use as my studio.

We’ll start in the corner with my sewing table. I invested in this table six years ago, and I’ve never been sorry. When I am working on a big quilt, I can pull it away from the wall and open up the drop leaf to double the surface. The roll around carts hold threads and notions. I’ve recently put up my serger and find I use it more often.

sewing area

Moving clockwise, is my design wall and closet. I took the doors off the closet and put up a curtain rod. The curtains are normally open, but I can close them when overflow guests need to use the studio as a bedroom. My design wall is floor to ceiling, about 8 feet wide. It is thick Styrofoam insulation covered with cotton quilt batting, and I could not get along without it. It’s big enough for a large bed quilt, but usually has inspiration photos, and in process projects displayed on it. I only showed half the closet, the other side looks worse than this one, and it never gets any better than this.

design wall and open closet2

I’ve been so inspired by the Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine projects that I have put up some of those projects for decoration. For details on the Advent houses, click here. For a post relating to the stockings, click here. For the vertical bird strand click here. For the Christmas garland, click here. The green squares are destined to become coasters. For more info on the coaster project click here.

design wall christmas projects

Moving clockwise from the closet is my ironing/cutting/work table. The table is an inexpensive one I purchased about 7 years ago at Jo Ann Fabric. It folds up to just 12” wide and is on casters. The thing I like best about it is the ironing pad that goes with it. I’ve been through about 4 in the life of the table.

work table area

Continuing clockwise, are my bookcases. These were “repurposed” when I changed some furniture. In the ‘80’s they were in our living room, in the ‘90’s the girl’s TV room, and now in my studio.


The thing that makes my studio work for me is the work triangle I created. I can move easily between the three main areas, design wall, cutting/ironing table, and sewing table.

Adjacent to the studio is a bathroom. I should keep it neater than I do, but it’s where I wash brushes and clean up. It has a door that opens to the lanai where I have a clothesline strung.

studio wet area

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for coming by to visit during the Virtual Studio Tour. I love your stockings they are so cute. I like the way you have so muc display space. Have a great day.

  2. A great studio. Love the project wall.

  3. Very nice! And lucky you to have a design wall- fun!!!

  4. Nice! A very cheery workspace.

  5. This is fun to see people's work spaces. Yours is light-filled and roomy. That bookshelf unit doesn't owe you any money! It's been in service for a long time.

  6. You have everything laid out so efficiently and so much natural light to work by. Love your huge inspiration wall! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  7. Thanks for allowing us to view your space and for the insight about your traffic pattern. I am still trying to get that part right.

  8. Lovely workspace and your project wall is inspiring!

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